How Lich King works

As per the image below you gain 10/20/30% damage for the rest of the hunt every time you revive your ally during combat.
A key point to take away is that this will only work during combat – meaning that there must be at least one enemy alive in the clearing for you to gain stacks.

Additionally this “tech” / cheese works best in Standard and Frenzy 1 because in Frenzy 2 and above reviving cost health.

Here you can see some high damage numbers from light attacks.

Tips on gaining stacks

Generally speaking, you can do this anyway you like – all you need is to get Lich King and a friend that is willing to die over and over again for your rise to power.

The fastest way that I found to do this so far is by using environmental damage as it leaves less room for errors. In the image below we used the barbed plants to take self-damage.

Once you’re tired of sacrificing your friend and reach a couple 1000% – you can go on with the game and clap the boss in a few hits.

In the image above I used the Gnarlic Head Stalk to deal damage to the boss by walking.

An extra cherry on top is Grave Robber. Which works just like Lich King except it provides Treffa instead of damage. You don’t really need this but it synergises with Lich King.

Thanks to Dracko for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it here. Enjoy the game.