Introduction: Meet the Riftwake’s Resident Renegades

Sailing beneath the storms surrounding X-Isle, the Riftwake is home to GRAIL’s most determined and efficient Renegades.

Don’t let this ragtag bunch fool you—they’re the best of the best, hand-picked to uncover the mysteries of X-Isle. They can show you the ropes for everything from Disciple hunting to getting away with your hard-stolen treasure. In this Official Guide, join us for a closer look at the cast of Characters aboard the Riftwake.

GRAIL doesn’t shy away from recruiting outcasts, and despite their reputations, the Riftwake’s cast of resident Renegades are more than happy to help you prepare for your hunts on X-Isle. You’ll find cutthroats, survivalists, and an overall madder sort of crowd around the Riftwake—everyone wants a piece of the fame and fortune X-Isle’s mysteries promise!

Cynthia Keene: Renegade Handler

Cynthia Keene is a senior member of GRAIL’s ranks, in charge of the organization’s operations on X-Isle. While there’s a lot of work to do and much more to prove, Cynthia has always loved adventure and mystery, even if she’s not out exploring new shores herself.

Renegades are introduced to Cynthia in the Tutorial, where she shows newbies the ropes on how to brave X-Isle… and turn a profit from their adventures there. She’ll be the first to inform you of any events, quests, and happenings about X-Isle.

Bodhi Hogan: PvP Pro

GRAIL has space for all walks of life. Naturally, a criminal of Bodhi’s caliber is the perfect fit. When the rest of his crew were captured during a heist, it was only a matter of time until the law caught up with him. That is, until GRAIL offered him an alternative sentence—join the hunt. For Bodhi, it was a new beginning. After all, he always felt like fortune particularly favored him.

To the surprise of no one, Bodhi swiftly gained notoriety as a Renegade. And not just for his skills in treasure-hunting, but for his cutthroat approach to eliminating the competition. He’s happy enough to impart knowledge and experience to any Renegades who have the stomach for it… just be sure to keep an eye on your haul when you do.

Bjorn Bjornsson: Scientist & Treasure Expert

Once ridiculed by the scientific community for his support of fringe theories, Dr. Bjorn Bjornsson is a prime example of GRAIL’s knack for unleashing unrecognized genius. When he’s not admiring his rock collection, he can be found studying the Artifacts of X-Isle and the mysterious properties of Wonderium—and if you think he’s a crackpot, just know that many of his wild theories have proved to be true!

He’s close to a breakthrough—he’s sure of it—buried somewhere within the hoards of treasure he tinkers with. Surely, it won’t be long now until his name is dredged up from the pit of unachieved promise and revered throughout the scientific community.

Brash, loud, and a little rough around the edges, bear with his ramblings, and you’ll find Dr. Bjornsson a valuable source of information on X-Isle’s treasures.

Nellie Ruffin: Contract Giver & Disciple Hunter

Born with a knack for fighting her way out of trouble, Nellie Ruffin’s career as a pro hunter started with her teen job at the Wonder Grove Glade theme park in Florida. It just so happened to be the site of the only known Disciple incursion outside of X-Isle. Overrun by Disciples, Nellie had naught but her wits and her rescue monkey, Princess Clementine, to survive the theme park disaster.

She’d soon hunt, trap, and sabotage her way to fame as a skilled Disciple hunter. Naturally, as soon as GRAIL heard of her exploits, they extended an invitation.

Today, Nellie Ruffin is the Riftwake’s resident Disciple hunter and a great source of information on their vulnerabilities. You can also go to Nellie to take on Contracts in pursuit of lucrative rewards!

GE-0: Robot Quartermaster & Vendor

GRAIL’s robotic Quartermaster and the personification of the Riftwake itself. Renegades will find him a useful vendor to cash in their Artifacts and Trinkets for Wonderium and Hawks. He sells Gears, Boosters, and cosmetics, while also upgrading Gears and Artifacts for a fair price!

Pop over and say hi. You might learn a thing or two!