During the Honeypot gig, you get the hint “[Optional] Delve deeper for additional information”.

Harvesting “EL_1000E” leads you to “Arnold Jesse“, his Tweeter leads you to “InTheFlameWeGo” which gives you their server IP “” and admin user “Master_Cocaine_XXX” by harvesting. Harvesting the admin gives you his MAC address “30:0A:0B:E5:00:B0” needed for NetStorm.


Terminal “inject -s 30:0A:0B:E5:00:B0 -t NetStorm.exe
=> to get the malware ready (“NetStorm_Injected_30:0A:.exe”)

Terminal “use -x FTP_Bounce_Attack -version 1.0.0 -ip
=> to connect to the server, select and upload your malware with Terminal “upload

Download the hidden file “Shipped_Cocaine_Beverly_Hills.csv” and send it to the LAPD.

Terminal “send -f Shipped_Cocaine_Beverly_Hills.csv -h

All Steps detailed

During the Honeypot gig you get the hint “[Optional] Delve deeper for additional information”.

– When using the harvester on “EL_1000E” (the operation code for the plane) you stumble across the name “Arnold Jesse

Terminal “harvester EL_1000E

– On Arnold Jesse’s Tweeter account you learn about a user called “InTheFlameWeGo

Tweeter App -> “Arnold Jesse”

– When harvesting the user name “InTheFlameWeGo” you learn their server IP “” and that an admin privilege elevation is required to access a hidden document. -> eg NetStrom will be needed.
You also learn about the admin called “Master_Cocaine_XXX

Terminal “harvester InTheFlameWeGo

– When harvesting the user name “Master_Cocaine_XXX” you get a MAC address “30:0A:0B:E5:00:B0“.

Terminal “harvester Master_Cocaine_XXX

– Inject the MAC address into NetStorm.exe malware

Terminal “inject -s 30:0A:0B:E5:00:B0 -t NetStorm.exe

– Connect to the server IP with “nmap” and “FTP_Bounce_Attack 1.0.0” commands.

Terminal “nmap
Terminal “use -x FTP_Bounce_Attack -version 1.0.0 -ip

– Upload your malware “NetStorm_Injected_30:0A:.exe” to the server with command “upload”

On bottom left of file browser select malware/NetStorm_Injected_30:0A:.exe
Terminal “upload

– The folder “Hidden” appears on the server and allows you to download file “Shipped_Cocaine_Beverly_Hills.csv”. Send it to the LAPD and you’re done. 🙂

Terminal “send -f Shipped_Cocaine_Beverly_Hills.csv -h