Crack the neighbour’s WiFi with the WiFi Cracking tools (Commands: airodump, airorun, airoplay, airocrack). This is the first main mission of the game called “Trial by Wi-Fi”:

Terminal “airodump
=> get the channel and BSSID.
Terminal “airorun -ch 1 -bssid 4E:5A:2E:D9:40:0E
Terminal “airoplay -deauth 4E:5A:2E:D9:40:0E
=> capture the handshake
Terminal “airocrack 4E:5A:2E:D9:40:0E.cap

Congrats you completed mission 1 and are connected to your neighbour’s WiFi.


Once you’re connected to his WIFI run the Network Enumeration tools (Commands: netdiscover, hydra).

Terminal “netdiscover


You will see 2 connected devices, the account is on the second device (Microsloth Surfbook 100 ). Run Hydra with the “admin” password:

Terminal “hydra -u admin -smb


Download the file xbark_saved.txt to your PC.


Sell the account on Hackify

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